Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Light & Breezy

The Best Advice I Ever Got About Love

That little nugget, not written by me, has given me loads to think about as I contemplate getting back out there, dating wise.  My profiles have only been disabled 2 or 3 months- but it feels like so much longer.

And when I go back out there:  I've changed.  I'm more self aware, more emotionally open, and less willing to put up with BS.  I'm less willing to commit to a relationship until I feel we're both invested and have real connection and compatibility.  Until then, Imma follow #1 and take things Light and Breezy.

It’s all about the ability to be with what is, in the moment without knowing if you’ll get a call, or make a connection. It’s about being in that uncertain place without pushing, forcing, nagging, or otherwise putting pressure on the delicate filament of romantic potential.

Word.  Up until now I've been doing this in an opposite way- trying to determine if a guy is all of the things I need and want before committing any time or focus on him.   It's felt cumbersome and wrong somehow- but I just hadn't viewed how to begin quite as well before until reading this article.  I can be emotionally open and enjoy dating without investing in men who are not right for me.  It actually gives me hope and sounds fun. 

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